Reloptix Valve Index Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Reloptix Valve Index Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Reloptix Valve Index Prescription Lens Insert Kit

Reloptix Valve Index Prescription Lens Insert Kit

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Reloptix Prescription lens insert kit for the VALVE INDEX. Kit includes :

- 1 set of magnetic bases

- 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses.

- 1 hard case

- 1 set of microfiber protective lens bags

- 1 premium microfiber cleaning cloth

- Kit includes a 1-year warranty.

* High Index lenses included

* Pupillary distance taken into account with the IPD settings for the Valve Index


Special orders may take up to 5-7+ weeks to accomplish

*processing time is 7-10 business days (Saturday & Sunday do not count as business days). shipping time from Reloptix to your door is not estimated due to the variance of shipping options at checkout. -Free shipping to the U.S is USPS first class package

Special Orders

*High powered prescription's Beyond -10.00 SPH and/or beyond -4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process. 

*High powered prescription's Beyond +5.00 SPH and/or beyond +4.00 CYL may be considered a special order lens which can take additional time to process.

*Some Prism with low power prescriptions may be considered a special order, Some Prism in general may be considered special order and can take additional time to process. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Justin (Tacoma, US)
Service and product, amazing start to finish!

Great experience, start to finish! I had looked at several RX lens options before picking these, and these seemed very good quality (even nicer than some I saw for $200-300) came with hard case instead of just cloth sleeve and the magnetic system to quickly slide them in and out seemed great compared to the others that either were semi-permanent insulations or just kind of slid on. I also have a rather strong prescription and these said they could make special orders if needed. So I go to purchase and sure enough, my RX is out of the standard range, so reach out to customer service (which was direct from their VP) and no problem at all, just attached my prescription to the order and they would make it happened, better yet, the special orders are the same price as the regulars. My regular optometrist doesn't even do that and I am regularly charged extra for my heavy prescription. So time passes, the order comes in, and these are just as great at they seemed online. The clarity and corrective properties are on par with my daily glasses, the individual sleeve and hard case combo is top notch, the magnetic mount fits beautifully and looks like part of the original product (Valve Index), and the lenses clip in/out easily but stay firm in place when in use. I have been recommending these to my friends who also where glasses. I liked that I could easily take my RX lenses out when passing off to others, but something I had not thought of till I got them, now my spouse wants her owns set of lenses and with this we can easily swap hers and mine in and out using the same magnetic mount. I rarely write review for products (mainly cuz I am lazy), but these were too good and I have enjoyed them so much in the week since they arrived that I just had to share for others who are currently deciding among the various options out there.

Anton Dahlström (Gothenburg, SE)
Better VR, with Nice presentation

I didn't realise that I would benefit so much from prescription lenses for my Index. But I've been setting new high scores in Beat Saber ever since! Who know actually seeing what your are doing was important?

Also, I really like the presentation of this lens product. The cases are a bit big perhaps, but it feels like a premium feature somehow.

I was a bit worried when installing the adapter on my index, as the friction fit over the rubber gasket didn'seemed to be the most secure mechanical fastening. taking some damage. But the lenses have been solidly attached without issue so far!

Dennis Flannery
What a difference!

Works as advertised, but I'd advise getting the pupilary distance (PD) measured at the optometrists. Also should mention a minor struggle to get the visor gasket re-mounted after lens installation. Just be patient.

There was a VERY cool, but surreal moment when I took the visor off. I was disappointed with the resolution of the real world.

summer Williams (Vista, US)
They are awesome

They took awhile to ship but using them is great. I can stay vr so much longer without the pain of glasses pressing against my face.

Brent Salter (Vancouver, CA)
Game changer no

This a game changer for those with glasses. Way more comfortable and less fogging. Easy to remove when you let others play.