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Game changer!

I love my Reloptix lenses! I have a high prescription and other companies charged an arm and a leg but Reloptix didn’t! Now I don’t have to deal with contacts sucking my eyeballs so much that when I take them out they tore. Love love love them!!! Thank you so much!

My Best Quest 2 Upgrade

I didn't find wearing my glasses to be uncomfortable inside my Quest 2, but they fogged constantly, even with a headset fan, and I ruined one pair by using the wrong defogging liquid. I'm SO glad I bought these! Not only are the images inside my headset clearer and sharper, the lenses are less prone to fogging. It's also nice to have a little extra protection for the Quest lenses. Customer service is fantastic as well. I made a mistake on my order and they corrected it immediately. Shipping was fast, and the quality is top-notch. I'll be getting another pair after my next eye exam.

Premium Anti-Reflective Coating
Terrence FitzGibbon (Charlotte, US)
Great lenses

This is my second pair due to a new pres prescription. I play Elite Dangerous with my Reverb G2 goggles. A huge difference is clarity in game. Quality product, very good customer service.

Great Packaging and Lenses

I really like the hard case that comes with the lenses. It makes the product feel premium and safe. I also like how each lens have their own pouches. When I ordered my lenses, I gave them the wrong prescription. I contacted them with the correct information and they were very quick to respond and help me. I was worried that it would be too late, but they changed the prescription for me and it didn’t take long for me to get them. The lenses are great quality. I played with them a little by holding them to my eyes. I compared them to my own glasses and was impressed. I recommend this company for those who need corrective lenses and don’t want to wear glasses with VR headsets. My glasses are too wide to fit. It makes using the Quest 2 a better experience for me.


Way better than I hoped for. Top quality lenses. I highly recommend.

Finally! I can play comfortably!

Used my prescription info and in a short time had these perfect lenses that FINALLY allowed me to play my Quest 2 in comfort! Totally worth the price! Love how the lenses come right off and have their own protective case for when the Grandkids want a turn!

Great lenses at a great price!

The perfect lenses for your VR experience. Reduces eye strain and brings everything into perfect focus. Love them!

Just such an awesome item at a great price and priceless for immersive gameplay.

Great Work! Love them!

Made a review video for them as well! YouTube video placeholder
Above and beyond

I'm not sure if they will always go this big but the lens is great but the case the cleaners the bag the over the topness is what you're not getting elsewhere. I even got a handwritten thank you. It was a purchase that made me happy I didn't feel hosed like many do. I had a friend who went with another company about the same price point he also loved them but he was jealous of mine after seeing all the production and care Reloptix had given. I'm gushing and rambling buy with confidence you won't regret it

Great product @ a fantastic pruce

Great product, and at a great price. Just what I needed and we'll packaged to though a little slower than I expected to be shipped.

Exceptional quality and ease of use

Excellent visual upgrade allowing me to play without glasses. Exceptional clarity and coatings. Was a little long to receive after ordering due to supply chain issues, but they let me know that before I confirmed my order

Hard to Install

I found the inserts very hard to install I watch the video and as a result managed to get one on but the second one defeated me. I eventually managed to get it on by applying a tiny amount of silicone grease around the rim. However,
once installed the product is excellent and the headset is much better to use with the lenses.

They work!!

Tis great to not have to use glasses. Also love the magnetic component. Allows for easy cleaning. etc Well done! Strongly recommend.

VR the way it’s supposed to be

I’ve had glasses since I was 8 years old. Why do I need glasses? My eyes suck, but the real reason is one of the first VR headsets, the Virtual Boy. I ignored all the warnings to only play for 15 minutes and 100% damaged my eyes. It’s okay, I’m over it, but VR since then has been an absolute pain.

I ended up winning an Oculus Quest 2 at an arcade and was like this is great but prescription lenses would be better I think, and after a few companies denied me because of my RX strength, Reloptix said we’ve got you covered.

I can’t even begin to describe how different the experience is. I don’t have my glasses pushed against my face getting smudged, I don’t feel my glasses against my eyelashes, I don’t have to worry about scratches on the lenses from my glasses and most of all, I get to experience gorgeous virtual worlds like everyone else.

Buying a pair for my wife once she heals from her surgery and will be updating my Reloptix with my prescription every 2 years.

Thank you Reloptix team for what you do, I will never be able to express how amazing it is

Very convenient and worth it!

First off, I really appreciate they list the item price as $79.99 and that is exactly what you pay even after taxes and shipping. The ordering process was easy. They are busy so shipping took a little bit, but they are transparent about that. Lenses were very easy to install in my Vive Pro 2. Prescription seems to be spot on. It's really nice not having to wear my glasses in the headset now. Worth the price and wait time. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Great quality

No further headaches and a sharper image without having to try using my progressives.

Repeat customer and will do it again

I purchased an earlier version of these lenses last year and really liked the ease of install and ability to remove and clean the lenses easily. The magnetic mounts are a fantastic feature and provide huge value to me. Recently, I purchased an updated version of the lenses (newer prescription). This latest version is slimmer than what I received in Dec '21 and the magnetic mounts hold much better than the previous ones I have (intentional or luck of the draw?). The slimmer size of these updated lenses prevents me having to wipe the lenses as much as before and they don't slide off as easily when I'm wiping them off.

Reloptix for Meta Quest 2 - Perfect

I am extremely pleased with my Reloptix lens kit. The experience is much better than wearing glasses with the headset and the quality of the lenses is excellent. Thank you Reloptix!


Provided my prescription. Not sure what went wrong. Unusable.

Perfect vision while in VR!

These lenses are so cool and easy to install on my oculus 2! Great service, awesome packaging!

Best purchase I have made for VR

I thought VR was amazing, until I got these inserts. I can actually see what I have been missing! Great service as well!

Perfect Lenses, Imperfect Communication

The lenses install easily and are exactly as described in every YouTube review. I have zero complaints about the quality of lenses and would easily recommend Reloptix to anyone looking for VR lenses!

However, I have major issues with communication regarding my purchase. After spending $80 ordering these lenses, I receive an order confirmation email, and absolutely nothing after until the shipment confirmation email, which ended up taking a little over a month.

I am not complaining about the delay itself - I am complaining that I was not notified that my order was going to be delayed, or given any expectation of when I could expect my lenses to arrive. All I had was the website's advertised 7-10 day processing promise, and the Status page did not display any concerns. I also received no email correspondence regarding any delays or issues. Essentially, I spent $80 on an email receipt for over a month with no follow-up or assurance that I'd receive what I purchased.

Only after I finally received a shipment email did I have any further confirmation of my order. I eventually find out about the Discord server that includes real-time updates, but not every customer will want to join a Discord just to know if their $80 went somewhere.

I am more than happy with the Reloptix lenses, but please work on broader communication for customers if there are any delays with orders or processing. Either make good on the "7-10 day" processing promise all over your website, or make it clear to those who have ordered when they can reasonably expect their lenses, and adjust expectations accordingly!

Great product!

Great lenses. My eyesight has an unusual prescription and they nailed it perfectly. The only thing that would help is a better way to mark each lens so that you could tell which way they fit on your VR lenses. This is just a minor issue. Other sites wanted over $150 to make my lenses so the price is also a great bargain.

Reloptix Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Michael Niculitcheff-Lautner (Saint Charles, US)
Everything is in focus!

No more readjusting glasses when they shift during gameplay. My Reloptix lenses have made VR much more enjoyable. Thank you Reloptix!

First time I bought lenses, don't regret going with these.

I was looking for lenses, and decided to go with Reloptix since they don't charge more for my bad eye sight. They look crystal clear and I can't even tell they're there. My Cosmos is actually slightly modified, with a different head strap, and because of that my eyes are slightly closer to the lenses than they should be but even with that, Reloptix's lenses don't touch my eyes which was a worry since I heard with Quest's lenses that was an issue for some people because of the magnetic bases. I'll probably be ordering Quest 2 lenses later as a gift for my younger brother, and maybe a pair for myself for when I use his Quest.